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MICR 2019 Annual Report

Notes About the Data

Each year, the Michigan Incident Crime Reporting data is "frozen" on a specific date for purposes of publishing the annual Crime in Michigan report. The frozen set was created on March 11, 2020, for the 2019 Crime in Michigan publication. Any new crime data or updates to previous data submitted by agencies after the "frozen" date is not published in the report. It should be noted that agencies that were unable to submit complete data by March 11, 2020, will show artificially low crime counts in this report. This may happen when an agency experiences a disruption to the submission of their crime data, for example during a period of transition between records management systems or when programmatic/technical complications interrupt data transfer processes. Therefore, users are cautioned against performing trend analysis or ranking agencies/cities based on their crime data, especially for those agencies/cities that indicate a significant increase or decrease in crime counts from one year to the next. Please note, in September 2020, a technical issue was identified that resulted in excluding 94 criminal offenses from the original 2019 Crime in Michigan report. The report was updated on September 30, 2020, to include those additional offenses. This resulted in a .01% increase in total offenses in Michigan for 2019.


State Total Data

Domestic Violence, Hate Crime, LEOKA Data

County/Agency Data