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UD-10 Advisories

UD-10 Advisories

Traffic Crash Advisories were developed as a means of keeping the field updated with changes to the UD-10 and to also offer guidance with some of the more problematic areas on the UD-10.  Advisories are published "as needed" to offer guidance on the proper completion of the UD-10, highlight new trends or projects on the horizon for traffic crash reporting, and provide further explanation or clarification on specific fields and values on the UD-10.

Officers are encouraged to contact the Traffic Crash Reporting Unit for any questions or issues they may have with completing the UD-10.  More than likely, someone else in the state experienced a similar situation.

UD-10 Advisory #1

  • New Crash Advisories 
  • Electronic Crash Reporting

View Advisory #1 HERE

UD-10 Advisory #2

  • Extent of Damage 
  • Drug & Alcohol 
  • Train Crashes 

View Advisory #2 HERE

UD-10 Advisory #3

  • Distracted Driving 
  • Narratives 
  • Driver is Owner

View Advisory #3 HERE

UD-10 Advisory #4

  • Automated Vehicles

View Advisory #4 HERE

UD-10 Advisory #5

  • Traffic vs. Non-Traffic Crashes

View Advisory #5 HERE