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391.41(b)(11) Hearing Loss

A driver disqualified because of hearing loss or deafness may be issued an intrastate medical waiver as Michigan law does not impose a hearing standard to operate a motor vehicle. If the vehicle is equipped with an audible warning device for brake failure or in the case of air brakes, a low air pressure warning device, an additional restriction will be placed upon the waiver requiring the vehicle to be equipped with a visual device that acts with or in place of the audible warning device.

Forms and documentation required for this waiver are listed below. MC forms are available for download by clicking on the form name. The MCSA forms are available from your DOT examiner.

MC-027 Application for Medical Waiver (Completed by both driver and carrier)

MC-028 Physician's Statement, sections E and F (Completed by driver's treating physician)

MCSA-5875 Medical Examination Report Form (Completed by DOT Examiner)

MCSA-5876 Medical Examiner's Certificate (Completed by DOT Examiner)

Driver's application for employment (initial or new carrier applications only)

Copy of driver's official driving record (From Michigan Secretary of State)

Copy of any crash report regardless of fault for previous five years


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