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391.41(b)(7) Neuromuscular or similar diseases

Rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular, or vascular diseases may cause a driver to be disqualified under 49 CFR 391.41. If the professional medical opinion of the treating physician is the condition can be controlled with medication and/or adaptive devices, and as such the driver could safely operate a commercial vehicle, an intrastate waiver may be granted provided the driver is adhering to the physician's instructions, the prognosis is good, and the driver is otherwise qualified under 49 CFR 391.41. Any non-Schedule I medication may be allowed provided the treating physician discloses details about the medication to include start date, dosage, and whether the driver is following instructions pertaining to the use of medication. This may be indicated on the form MC-028 or the physician may provide a statement in addition to the MC-028.

Forms and documentation required for this waiver are listed below. MC forms are available for download by clicking on the form name. The MCSA forms are available from your DOT examiner.

MC-027 Application for Medical Waiver (Completed by both driver and carrier)

MC-028 Physician's Statement, sections A, B, E, and F (Completed by driver's treating physician)

MCSA-5875 Medical Examination Report Form (Completed by DOT Examiner)

MCSA-5876 Medical Examiner's Certificate (Completed by DOT Examiner)

Driver's application for employment (initial or new carrier applications only)

Copy of driver's official driving record (From Michigan Secretary of State)

Copy of any crash report regardless of fault for previous five years

Skill Performance Evaluation - Statement of carrier's evaluation if required

Pictures of adaptive devices if required by either examination or deemed necessary


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