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Investigation Unit

The Investigation Unit is responsible for a broad area of Motor Carrier enforcement. Motor Carrier Investigators handle in-depth, often time consuming, inquiries into criminal and regulatory violations in the commercial vehicle industry.

The Unit is comprised of Motor Carrier Investigators that are stationed at State Police Posts across the state. Their investigations often begin with a complaint generated by an officer on road patrol. The Investigation Unit also receives, and follows up on, a significant number of complaints from the general public, as well as from individuals associated with trucking companies that are engaged in illegal or unsafe activities. Motor Carrier Investigators utilize a variety of tools and have a wide variety of intelligence resources at their disposal to further their investigations.

Motor Carrier Investigators are involved in an assortment of criminal investigations, including financial crimes, contraband trafficking, insurance fraud, tax fraud and evasion, commercial vehicle and construction equipment theft, and regulatory violations committed by those in the commercial motor vehicle industry.

Motor Carrier Investigators are content experts in many areas of commercial vehicle enforcement and they investigate complaints regarding compliance with the Michigan Vehicle Code, the Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Michigan Motor Carrier Act. The Investigation Unit also works closely with other agencies of both State and Federal government to lend its expertise in such areas as immigration and customs violations, narcotics interdiction, and homeland security concerns. To that end, the Investigation Unit serves as the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division's criminal interdiction and intelligence coordination office for commercial vehicle enforcement.

Information regarding trucking companies or operations that are believed to be involved in illegal or unsafe practices can be sent to the Investigation Unit at