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Public Assistance Forms

Document Description
State Forms
Donated Resources(PAPPG pg. 87-90) Information on Donated Resources
In-Kind Contribution MSP EMHSD Fillable form for In-Kind Contributions
Volunteer Tracking Spreadsheet

Tracking spreadsheet (time & activities) - COVID-19

Labor Tracking Sheet Force Account Labor Summary Record excel tracking sheet
Documentation to Support Costs Claimed Checklist for required cost documentation
EMHSD-014 PAPG Project Quarterly Progress Report
EMHSD-015a Request for Reimbursemet
EMHSD-015b Force Account Labor
EMHSD-015c Equipment Purchased
EMHSD-015d Force Account Equipment
EMHSD-015e Contract Work
EMHSD-015f Supplies and Materials
EMHSD-015g Managment Costs
EMHSD-072 Large Project Closeout Request
EMHSD-073 Time Extension Request
EMHSD-074 Scope of Work Change Request
FEMA Forms
FEMA Form 009 Force Account Labor Summary FEMA fillable form
FEMA Form 009 Applicants Benefits Calculation Worksheet FEMA fillable form
Donations Information In-Kind Contribution Information
Applicant Quick Guide Grants Portal and Account and RPA Guide to creating a user's account
PNP Facility Questionnaire Private Non Profit Eligibility Questionnaire
Procurement During EE Circumstance Fact Sheet Guidance regarding procurement requirements for FEMA eligible expenses