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MI CIMS Overview



Michigan Critical Incident Management System (MI CIMS)

The Michigan Critical Incident Management System (MI CIMS) powered by WebEOC®, is a statewide, secure system that provides specialized tools for managing crisis information and emergency response, as well as non-emergency events. MI CIMS provides real-time information to authorized users anywhere internet access is available with permissions based on incidents and positions. The system is capable of managing multiple incidents simultaneously yet separately. MSP/EMHSD has provided the State of Michigan with a web-based critical incident management system since 2004.

Account Access and Training

There are over 2,500 local, state, federal, tribal, non-governmental, hospital, and private sector MI CIMS accounts statewide. Each person must be verified by their Emergency Management Coordinator to be granted access to MI CIMS and must attend a training class in order to receive a username and password for the system. All MI CIMS (WebEOC®) training sessions are managed through MI-TRAIN. Anyone approved for access to MI CIMS must log into MI-TRAIN to register for a class. On MI-TRAIN, search with the keyword “WebEOC” or “MI CIMS” to find upcoming training classes. New MI CIMS training classes are continuously added to MI-TRAIN and MI CIMS trainers are located throughout the state. There is no cost to participate.

Active users are required to log in and complete an annual MI CIMS user verification to maintain access to the system. Quarterly exercises are available on MI-TRAIN to help users maintain proficiency.

Contact Information

Matt Cook
Michigan Critical Incident Management System (MI CIMS) Administrator
Michigan State Police Emergency Management & Homeland Security Division
Cell/Text: 517-730-1689