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Video Library

Welcome to the Office of School Safety video library. Here, you'll find informative and educational videos on school safety designed to help keep Michigan schools safe and secure. Our video library covers a wide range of topics related to school safety, including emergency preparedness, active shooter response, bullying prevention, cyber security, and much more. These videos are intended for educators, school administrators, parents, guardians, and students, offering valuable insights and practical tips on enhancing school safety.

At the Office of School Safety, ensuring the safety and security of our schools is a top priority. That's why we've assembled this video library, which features expert insights from law enforcement officials, educators, and safety experts. We encourage you to explore our video library and watch the videos that interest you. We also encourage you to share these videos with others who may benefit from them. By working together, we can help create safe and welcoming learning environments for all students in Michigan.

Video Series Library 

Practical Tips for Schools

This series aims to raise awareness about important school safety topics and provide practical tips for schools. We understand that safety is a top priority for everyone, and we hope that these videos will help create a safer learning environment for all.
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