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Contact OHSP

Data-related questions
- For questions or requests related to data for a project proposal, please contact the OHSP (see below). 
- If a non-data related request is sent to this inbox it will not be reviewed. 

General questions (non-data related)   
- Please email general questions (non-data related) on the proposal content or process to the appropriate
OHSP Program Coordinator.

                                  CONTACT THE OFFICE OF HIGHWAY SAFETY PLANNING (OHSP)
Katie Bower is the OHSP Division Director and the designated Governor’s Representative for the Office of Highway Safety Planning. Her executive assistant is Katelyn Mullin. The OHSP Secretary is Vickie Jackson.

The OHSP is organized into four sections grouped according to functional responsibilities.  Within each section, specific units have been identified to reflect the OHSP’s priorities and programs.

i.  Planning and Administration Section (P&A)
The Planning and Administration Section is responsible for developing the triennial and annual HSPs, budgets, and providing procedural support for statewide traffic safety programming.  Section activities include planning, traffic records, data analysis, project evaluation, grant administration for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety, and coordination for the state Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). The section also produces the Annual Report (AR).

Emily Shinevar     
Planning and Administration Section Manager

Jordan Smith
Grant Planning and Analysis Coordinator

Josh Schneider
Grant System Analyst                                                  

Sarah Davis  
Traffic Records Program Coordinator                                                        

ii.  Program Management Section
The Program Management Section implements grant projects identified in the HSPs and coordinates regional outreach activities with local stakeholders and partners.  Section staffing includes state traffic safety coordinators for each program area who serve on a variety of state and local committees including the GTSAC Action Teams and regional Traffic Safety Networks (TSN).

Alicia Sledge
Program Section Manager                                                    

Mackenzie Alvae
Police Traffic Services

Cathy Fitzgerald
Police Traffic Services

Travis Quimby
Young Driver Education, Older Driver Education, 
Distracted Driving, and School Bus Program Coordinator

Quinn Passmore
Vulnerable Roadway User Safety Program Coordinator     

Kara Rueckert
Occupant Protection Program Coordinator

Christy Sanborn
Impaired Driving Program Coordinator

iii.  Financial Management Section
The Financial Management Section monitors the use of state and federal traffic safety funding awarded by the OHSP to ensure integrity and accountability. Section staff oversees accounting procedures, the office budget, financial reviews of grants, grant monitoring, and grantee payment processing.

Zada Schriner
Financial Section Manager

Amber Hignite
Federal Programs Accountant                                                               

Joy Marks
Account Technician

Manjinder-Singh Ghotra
Budget and Financial Analyst

Alyssa Price
Grant Monitor

State Funding Program Coordinator

iv.   Communications Section
The Communications Section plans, implements, and provides oversight for the OHSP’s communication strategies, including public information and education (PI&E) campaigns, paid advertising, earned media, graphics design and publications, and regional communications with state and local partners. The section produces the OHSP Safety Network Newsletter (SNN) and is the primary point of contact for news media and information requests.

Nancy Feldbush
Communications Section Manager               

Jon Benallack
Graphic Artist

Sandy Enness
Communications Specialist                                                     

Kara Hengesbach
Communications Project Coordinator

Dennis Raymo
Communications Specialist