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Required Enforcement Mobilizations

The NHTSA requires that law enforcement mobilizations must be conducted at specific times throughout the year. Michigan is required to support the national mobilizations through at least three mobilization campaigns in each fiscal year to reduce alcohol-impaired or drug-impaired operation of motor vehicles and increase use of seatbelts by occupants of motor vehicles.  

Priority for funding will be given to enforcement projects that participate in the required mobilization periods detailed below:
National Impaired Driving Enforcement
   • December 15, 2023 – January 1, 2024  
   • August 16 – September 2, 2024 (Labor Day) 
Click It Or Ticket (Seat Belt Enforcement) 
   • May 20 – June 2, 2024 
OHSP Enforcement Periods 
   Speed – July 
   Distracted Driving – April 
   Pedestrian – October 
   Bicyclist – August 
*These enforcement periods are supported by public information and awareness campaigns. Ads will be running while doing enforcement.* 



Also, the OHSP has prepared RFPs ready for bid for specific projects. 
FY2023 Enforcement Calendar

FY2023 Requests for Proposals