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Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission (GTSAC)

In 1941, the Michigan State Safety Commission (MSSC) was legislatively established to promote greater traffic safety on public roadways. The Commission, through interagency cooperation, was committed to reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in Michigan by promoting effective safety programs. The MSSC was comprised of representatives from the departments of Community Health, Education, State Police, State and Transportation.  In 1995 the Michigan Traffic Safety Management System (MTSMS) began coordination of the state's highway safety efforts. The goal of the MTSMS was to reduce traffic crashes and their resulting deaths and injuries. As its foundation, the MTSMS relied on the strengths of coordinated and cooperative efforts of state, local and federal agencies in conjunction with private safety partners.


In 2002 the Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission was created by Executive Order replacing the MSSC and MTSMS but retaining the main function of both groups.  The purpose of the GTSAC is to provide leadership in the identification of state and local traffic safety issues and promote recommended strategies to address them.