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Drug Recognition Expert Program (DRE)

The top tier of the OWI Pyramid is the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training program. DRE training is advanced training for highly motivated officers active in OWI enforcement. This program offers an academically challenging curriculum developed to enhance an officer's ability to identify, evaluate, and document suspected drug impairment. Officers that successfully complete the training often times become the leader in alcohol and or drug impairment within their department and communities.

RE students will learn about the seven drug categories, human physiology, and the signs and symptoms as they relate to the drug impaired driver. Students will also learn to conduct a standardized and systematic twelve step evaluation of a drug impaired driver and determine the category of drugs most likely causing that impairment.  

DRE training consists of three phases:

Phase I and Phase II involve 72 hours (two weeks) of classroom lecture and hands-on instruction.

Phase III involves 40 hours of field training during which officers are required to perform evaluations on subjects known to be under the influence of drugs and or drug alcohol combinations. Field training may occur at out-of-state locations.

DRE students are required to maintain minimum scores of 80% on quizzes and exams to complete the course. Students that fail to meet the minimum passing scores will be asked to leave the program.

A DRE certification is valid for two years.

To recertify, DREs must conduct a minimum of:

  • four enforcement evaluations,
  • one DRE-instructor supervised evaluation,
  • be current in the data tracking system, and
  • complete a minimum of eight hours of DRE related continuing education training within that two-year period.  


Due to the nature of DRE training, class size is limited. Not everyone that applies to DRE School will be selected. The DRE steering committee will review all completed applications and select the students for the training.

Registration, materials, hotels, and airfare associated with DRE training are covered or reimbursed through the federal grant however officer time is NOT covered or reimbursed.

2024-2 DRE School Open Application Period

Applications are now being accepted for the May 2024-2 Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) School. All applications must be received by February 15, 2024, or sooner. Click the links for the downloadable DRE School Announcement and Application



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