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OHSP Mission, Vision, Values, and Principles

Office of Highway Safety Planning Mission Statement

To save lives and reduce injuries on Michigan roads through leadership, innovation, facilitation, and program support in partnership with other public and private organizations.

Office of Highway Safety Planning Vision Statement

To be a catalyst for the development and implementation of innovative ideas, while encouraging the adaptation of successful strategies.

To have a fully integrated problem-solving process that is fundamental to all decision making.

To be a leader in cultivating and supporting traffic safety initiative at the state and local level.

To have a work environment that fosters enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, and commitment.

Office of Highway Safety Planning Guiding Values and Principles

We strive for integrity, commitment, and excellence in our daily work, and fairness and mutual respect in our relationships with our partners.

We embrace a team-focused working environment and are committed to promoting professional growth and development.

We value our role as leaders in fostering cooperation, collaboration, and innovation with other public and private organizations at the local, state, and national levels.

We understand that a sound process of problem solving, including problem identification, strategy development, and evaluation, will result in effective outcomes.

We believe that it is essential to actively seek the input of local community representatives to achieve long-term safety improvements.

We are committed to providing resources in an objective manner.