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Social media samples for High Schools

Option A

Cell phone use while driving is against the law for teen drivers with a restricted license under Michigan’s Graduated Driver Licensing program. Don’t risk losing your license—when you drive, just drive.

Option B
DD social media Burger

Using a phone isn’t the only way to get distracted while driving. Eating or drinking while driving can increase crash risk as much as 80%. No matter how good that burger is, it isn’t worth dying for. Remember: what distracts you can impact you.

Option C
DD social media Brush

Anything that distracts you while driving increases your risk of a crash, including touching up your makeup, fixing your hair, or hunting for that perfect song on your playlist. What distracts you can impact you—so when you drive, just drive.

Option D
DD social media Teens
Did you know that a teen driver’s risk of dying in a crash rises with each additional teen passenger? Passengers are such a distraction, giving 3 or more buddies a ride quadruples your risk. Until you’re a more experienced driver, go it alone to make it home.