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Protective Gear

Protective Gear

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While all motorcyclists love to ride, some do not love to wear protective gear. But the bottom line is this: Wearing full protective gear for every ride helps you avoid injury so you can keep on riding.

These facts tell the story:
• More than 75 percent of motorcyclists involved in crashes suffer injuries, some severe.
• Over the past decade, there have been fewer motorcycle crashes, but an increase in fatalities.
• Riders wearing motorcyclist-specific protective clothing are less likely to be seriously injured and less likely to be hospitalized. 

Four C's

Do not make a rash decision.
Riding a motorcycle in ordinary clothes like jeans and a T-shirt leaves you vulnerable to road rash — abrasions and scrapes from the road surface. Road rash can be mild, but in severe cases, it can necessitate skin graft surgery and become painfully infected. Choose rider-specific gear to save your skin from road rash.

All the gear, every time you ride.
To stay safe and fully protected on every ride, riders need:
Helmet and copy

Boots and Gloves

Pants and Jacket

Wear the right gear, ride another year.
No protective clothing can guarantee you will not get hurt in a crash. But the right gear can prevent or reduce the severity of abrasions, friction burns, cuts, and lacerations — and keep you out of the hospital. And, if you stay out of the hospital, you can stay on the road.

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