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MTSC Overview


VISION: We visualize a safer highway transportation environment achieved through the Michigan Truck Safety Commission's leadership in developing and providing truck safety programs.

MISSION:To improve truck safety by providing Michigan's trucking industry and the citizens of Michigan with effective educational programs, and by addressing significant truck safety issues.

The Michigan Truck Safety Commission (MTSC) is unique, the only organization in the nation dedicated to commercial truck driver education and training supported not with tax dollars but solely by the industry it serves. What was born of modest beginnings has grown to become a renowned safety advocate for the state's trucking industry. The Michigan Truck Safety Commission is committed to enhancing truck and truck driver safety by providing truck driver education and training, heightening all drivers' awareness of the operational characteristics and limitations of trucks, initiating data collection and research, and supporting enforcement of motor carrier safety laws.

The 11-member Commission meets bimonthly.

Funding is provided by a Truck Safety Fund, established by Public Act 348 of 1988, and administered by the Office of Highway Safety Planning, a division of the Michigan Department of State Police.

Much of the mission of the Michigan Truck Safety Commission is accomplished through two primary grants. One is to the Michigan Center for Truck Safety, which provides education and training to truck drivers and the motoring public. The other is to the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division of the Michigan State Police (MSP), which provides enforcement of truck safety laws. Additional grants are also occasionally awarded for research and other truck safety activities.

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