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Emergency Support Team

The Emergency Support Team was created in 1974 to handle highly dangerous and critical incidents facing law enforcement. This unit utilizes equipment and training necessary for extremely difficult and/or dangerous tasks in such areas as hostage rescue, barricaded gunmen, high risk arrest and search warrant service, VIP security, and counter terrorism. The unit is also responsible for deploying chemical munitions and providing specialized training for the department. In addition to highly specialized equipment, the unit has specialized vehicles which serve as equipment pool supplies and command posts, multi-wheel drive vehicles for Michigan's winter weather and armored vehicles for officer protection.

Emergency Support Team Organizational Structure

The Emergency Support Team contains tactical and negotiator sub-units. The tactical and negotiator components participate in joint training and work as a cohesive unit in operational calls. Team members include troopers, sergeants and lieutenants from posts and sections throughout the state, averaging 60 members. Officers are activated according to their proximity to the location of the request. Unit members train three times per year as a unit and monthly in smaller groups based on geographic/organizational boundaries.