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Range Rules

It is imperative that the following list of rules be followed at all times to ensure the safety of all participants as well as the instructors.  By following these rules, a safe and efficient program will be presented.  A violation of any range rule shall be grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.  There will be no tuition refunded to a participant who has been dismissed from a program for violation of a range rule.

  1. There will be absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.
  2. There shall be no consumption of alcoholic beverages during a program, including the lunch break.  In addition, any alcohol consumption occurring during non-program hours shall not be evident either at the beginning of, nor during a training session.
  3. Program instructors reserve the right to administer a PBT to any participant who exhibits any indications of alcoholic use.  Refusal to submit to the PBT shall be grounds for immediate dismissal.
  4. The directions of the program instructors shall be followed at all times, under all circumstances.  There will be no debate as to the validity of instructions.  Should a conflict arise, the instructor's decision shall be carried out and complaints registered with the coordinator at an appropriate time.
  5. Participants shall stay in the training area at all times unless accompanied by an instructor or at the express direction of an instructor.
  6. There will be no vehicles on the course unless accompanied by an instructor or at the express direction of an instructor.
  7. At no time shall a participant exceed a maximum designated speed without prior approval of an instructor.
  8. Emergency lights shall be activated when actively participating in a designated course.
  9. There shall be no pedestrian traffic in the area of the skid pad when the sprinkling system is activated.  The system operates under extremely high pressure and could cause injury or death if someone were to walk in the path of a sprinkling head.
  10. Seatbelts, harnesses, and any other safety equipment available shall be worn at all times by all occupants of the patrol car.
  11. Helmets shall be worn at all times by all occupants within the training vehicle.
  12. No weapons shall be allowed on the driving range.  All handguns, knives, and any other weapons are to be secured in the student's room prior to participation in any program.
  13. No cell phones in classroom or on track.
  14. Pagers must be placed on silent mode.