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Online Legal Resources

Michigan Law

Executive Orders

Access to orders issued by the governor.

Attorney General Opinions

Search opinions and a numerical list of all opinions issued.

Michigan Administrative Code

Includes links to Michigan administrative rules promulgated by departments of Michigan's executive branch, including rules governing forensic science, traffic codes, and breath testing.

Michigan Compiled Laws

Search Michigan statutes and pending legislation.

Michigan Courts

The Michigan Supreme Court web site offers a variety of court-related information including court rules, recent decisions, and a learning center.

State Law Library

The Law Library of Michigan site offers a variety of legal research tools including research guides, access to state laws and rules, and advice on law library research.

Prosecuting Attorneys Coordinating Council

Downloadable documents for police and prosecutors.

Federal Law

Federal Judiciary

Links to federal courts at all levels


An official U.S. government web site that permits a search of all online resources offered by the federal government from a single web site.

Library of Congress

Includes access to current and past federal legislative history (Senate and House committee hearings, bills, prints, etc.) and the Congressional Law Library.

U.S. Government Publishing Office

Compiles links to publications of the three branches of the federal government including the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.

General Legal

Cornell Law School

Links to all federal and state laws. 


Access to municipal codes from throughout the United States.  It includes free basic searches and other fee-based resources.

Commercial web site that offers general legal research tools.

Criminal Justice Statistics

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

Analyzes criminal justice data to address specific criminal justice and criminology research issues.

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology

Provides links to statistics gathered by more than 100 federal agencies.

U.S. Census Bureau

Includes a wide variety of statistical information gathered by the Census Bureau including geographical, business, and income-related statistics.

Census Statistical Abstract

The Census Bureau's abstract is a comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.