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Access to the LEIN

New Agencies

Access to the LEIN is restricted to qualified criminal justice agencies only.  Agencies applying for access to LEIN for the first time must contact Mr. Thomas Bur at 517-284-3075 or

Agency Change or Update

Agencies requesting a change to existing access to the LEIN system, adding/changing devices and network connections, and/or other miscellaneous updates must contact Mr. Thomas Bur at 517-284-3075 or

Automated License Plate Reader File

Law Enforcement Agencies may purchase license plate screening technology from vendors that provide devices and software capable of scanning license plates and comparing the data against key databases for records associated with those plates. LEIN Field Services provides continuously updated (four times per day) extracts of criminal justice records for use with mobile and fixed devices under the control of a law enforcement agency.

The download incorporates the file provided by NCIC (which includes Stolen Vehicle, License Plate, Wanted Person, Missing Person, Gang, Known or Appropriately Suspected Terrorist, Supervised Release, National Sex Offender Registry, and Immigration Violator records) with information contained in the LEIN Hot-Files (which includes Stolen Vehicle, Stolen License Plate, Wanted Person, and Missing Person records) into one file.

All extract hits must be confirmed through LEIN and/or NCIC, in accordance with hit-confirmation policy.

Agencies requesting access to the LEIN ALPR file must submit a signed Memorandum of Understanding (CJIS-017) to LEIN Field Services. Upon execution of the MOU, LEIN Field Services staff will assign FTP-site access.

Please complete the CJIS-017 and forward to or fax to 517-241-0865.

For assistance, contact Ms. Victoria Kreis at 517-284-3014 or