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Michigan Annual Drunk Driving Audit

Statistical Reports and Data

The crash program has been in existence since Public Act 300 of 1949. All law enforcement agencies in Michigan submit accident data to the MSP Criminal Justice Information Center on UD-10 Traffic Crash Reports. A crash report is completed when: the driver of a motor vehicle involved in a traffic crash injures or kills any person, or damages property totaling $1000.00 or more. It is also completed when, the driver of a snowmobile or ORV is involved in a crash resulting in injuries to or the death of any person, or property damage in an estimated amount of $100.00 or more. 

The Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC) and the Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP), in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) compiles and publishes an annual report. In addition, the MSP also works with the Secretary of State (SOS) to produce a drunk driving audit report annually. This report contains cumulative and individual information regarding judge's dispositions and fines involved with drunk driving. 

Reports are processed and sent to the Department of State to be applied to individual driving records. Fatal records are maintained on both the state system and the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) (supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). 

Traffic Crash Report data is also supplied to the Michigan Department of Transportation for analysis of high crash locations and to bill for damage to state property. The Michigan Department of Community Health receives data to bill the appropriate no-fault carrier for reimbursement of expenses under the Medicaid program and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources receives data for analysis of snowmobile and car/deer crashes.