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Body Worn Cameras and Video

Body Worn Cameras

The goal of the department's Body Worn Camera (BWC) program is to accurately document and provide greater transparency into the interactions of enforcement members and members of the public. Effective use of a BWC can provide valuable information for member accountability, contribute towards effective investigations, and enhance the accuracy of reports and testimony in court. 

Department policy requires that enforcement members assigned a BWC system shall activate it when such use is appropriate to the performance of law enforcement duties and where the recordings are consistent with department policy and law.

As of January 2022, there were approximately 250 BWCs deployed to MSP enforcement members, typically in assignments in which an in-car video recording system is not practical. By the end of 2022, BWCs will be deployed to all enforcement members who could have enforcement contact with the public.


In-Car Video Recording Systems

All MSP patrol vehicles are equipped with in-car video recording equipment, the use of which is governed by department policy. 


Department Policy

04-20 - Body-Worn Cameras
04-21 - In-Car Video Recording Systems