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The men and women of the Michigan State Police (MSP) are committed to the equitable treatment of all persons and to providing service and enforcing the law in a professional, just and nondiscriminatory manner. Longstanding department policies prohibit members from stopping or detaining anyone based solely on their race, ethnicity or possible immigration status.


05-29 – Arrests of Foreign Diplomats and Consular Officers
02-33 – Citizen Status Determinations
07-02 – Federal Immigration Investigations
16-10 – Immigration Relief Assistance (Witnesses and Victims)
16-11 – Persons with Limited English Proficiency

Policy points:
  • An individual shall not be stopped or detained, or a traffic stop prolonged, solely for the purpose of establishing an individual's citizenship status, unless it is necessary to identify the individual where an investigation reveals that an individual has committed a crime or civil infraction.
  • Enforcement members shall not require proof of immigration status, citizenship or place of birth, or otherwise inquire about a person's immigration status, unless such information is necessary as part of a criminal investigation.
  • Enforcement members shall not stop, interrogate, search, arrest or detain any individual based on an immigration administrative warrant or immigration detainer (including forms I-200, I-205, I-274A, or I-203).
  • Enforcement members shall not inquire about a crime victim's or witness' immigration status or require proof of that status unless the inquiry relates to an on-going criminal investigation or the inquiry is related to obtaining services for immigration relief available to victims.
  • In non-emergency situations, members shall first utilize department-based resources for language and interpretation services to assist with effective communications. If department-based services are not readily available, members shall utilize the department's contracted language services provider. Emergency situations, where no department-based or contractual services are available, are the only situations in which members are authorized to contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection or Immigration and Customs Enforcement for language interpretation services.
  • Members attempting to confirm or investigate the authenticity of foreign issued documents shall first attempt to contact the issuing consulate or embassy of the location indicated on the documents.