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2019 Use of Force

The Michigan State Police reported four Use of Force incidents in 2019 that met the qualifying definition for reporting to the FBI's National Use of Force Data Collection. Qualifying uses of force include any action that resulted in the death or serious bodily injury of a person, or the discharge of a firearm at or in the direction of a person.

2019 MSP Use of Force Incidents

Date # Officers Involved, Race, and Sex # Subjects Involved, Race, and Sex Officer(s) Responding to Event Type Post / Team Summary
3/2/19 2 W/M 1 W/M Kidnapping Death Emergency Support Team ES Team was assisting Sebewaing PD and Caro Post with armed subject holding mother and girlfriend hostage in home.
4/4/19 1 W/M 1 W/M Warrant Service Death Fifth District Fugitive Team Parole absconder with four warrants wanted for questioning on open investigation. Deceased threatened to kill arresting officers, causing officers to believe their life was in imminent danger.
6/13/19 1 W/M 2 W/M Warrant Service Death, Injury Metro South Post Detroit PD started a vehicle pursuit with subject wanted for attempted murder; fleeing driver struck multiple patrol cars. Troopers brought vehicle to a stop. DPD officers approached and driver drove towards officers. Officers fired, injuring driver and killing passenger.
10/13/19 1 W/M 1 W/M Warrant Service Injury Emergency Support Team ES Team was assisting Forsyth Township PD with barricaded gunman who shot at chief. Suspect appeared to be assembling explosive device and was shot after pointing shotgun in the direction of officers.