Tax Office Contacts

In a booklet this brief, it is necessary to summarize the provisions of law and administrative rules. If something we've discussed here is unclear, or if you'd like more information about the topic, you are welcome to call or write us for a fuller explanation. The address for all correspondence is UIA TAX QUESTIONS, 3024 W. Grand Blvd, 11th Floor, Detroit, Michigan 48202. The following are useful sources of UIA tax information.

TAX STATUS -- 313-456-2080


The Tax Status team can answer questions about registering a new business, the sale or discontinuance of a business, the taxability of services/wages, seasonal designation, the protest/appeal of a tax status issue or a recent audit.


TAX MAINTENANCE -- 313-456-2010


The Tax Maintenance team can answer questions about tax rates, overpayments, 940 certifications, the protest/appeal of a tax rate, audit adjustments, or the verification of payments on your account.


COLLECTIONS -- 313-456-2090


The Collections team can answer questions about a Notice of Assessment, the pay-off amount of a judgment, a tax lien or discharge, a statement or clearance of account, or to arrange a payment plan.


TAX TEAM SUPPORT, 313-456-2180

Staff can handle requests about change of mailing address (UIA Form 1025), registering as a liable employer (Form UIA 518); mailing of tax reports; receiving and processing of tax reports (Form UIA 1020); or mailing and processing of amended tax reports (Form UIA 1021).


Staff can handle inquiries about information being requested by field auditors and procedures used in an audit.

TAX OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, 313-456-2149 or 313-456-2160

Staff can handle general inquiries about UIA policies and procedures concerning unemployment taxes.


Staff will accept any employer questions or concerns.