UIA Web Site and Forms Accessibility

Did you know the State of Michigan has an online   Accessibility Policy ? A link to this policy can be found in the "footer" area at the bottom of our web pages. 

Our web site has accessibility tools that allow visitors to enlarge the font or type size on web pages, as well as increase the magnification of our forms.  

Instructions for Changing to Text-Only Pages & Changing Font Sizes  

At the top of every web page on our site, including this one, is a menu of links to a set of tools. Two of these tools are designed to improve site accessibility.  

One link is called "Text Version;" click it to change the page to a text-only version with no images. To change back to the standard version with text and images, click the "Graphic Version" link near the top of the text-only page.  

Another accessibility tool is called "Text Size." Simply click the "A-" link to decrease the page's font size and click the "A+" link to increase it. Each click further adjusts the font size up or down.  

Changing Magnification of Our Forms  

Our online  forms  and  publications  are Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files, a common online format. You can increase magnification of all or part of a form, using tools that appear once you open the form in your browser.   

At the top of the PDF form there is a magnifying glass icon, which is called the Marquee Zoom Tool. Click and drag it to an area of the form to increase magnification of that area; or simply click it to increase magnification of the entire page.  

Next to that icon are "minus" and "plus" icons. Click the minus icon to decrease magnification of the entire page; click the plus icon to increase it. Repeated clicks further adjust magnification up or down.  

Audio Version of UIA 1901 Booklet - Unemployment Benefits in Michigan  

This "green booklet" contains the rights and responsibilities of jobless workers receiving unemployment benefits in Michigan. Each unemployed worker receives a copy of the  booklet. 

To make this key publication more accessible, we are making an audio version available below.  Each chapter is a separate MP3 audio file.  Click each link to open the file in your media player and listen to it. Right click the file and select "Save As" to save one or more files to your computer.