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The Going PRO Talent Fund (Talent Fund), formerly known as the Skilled Trades Training Fund, makes awards to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and newly hired employees. Training funded by the Talent Fund must be short-term and fill a demonstrated talent need experienced by the employer. Training must lead to a credential for a skill that is transferable and recognized by industry.

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The Talent Investment Agency (TIA) awards the funds to employers through Michigan’s workforce system, commonly known as Michigan Works! Agencies (MWA). MWA Business Services staff conduct fact-finding sessions with employers to assess their talent skill gaps, suitable training providers and availability of federal funding sources. The MWA Business Services staff can then determine whether Talent Fund awards would be appropriate to help close the skills gap. During the application period MWAs submit Talent Fund applications to TIA on behalf of their partnering employer.

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Program Statistics 2014-2018

  • Number of companies receiving awards: 2,234
  • Average amount of award: $32,068
  • Average training cost per person: $962

Size of Companies Receiving STTF Awards

Size of companies receiving STTF awards

Featured Impact Stories:

  • Weber Specialties Adds New STTF Funded Tool & Die Apprentice
    Weber Specialties of Schoolcraft is a metal stamping and fabrication employer that relies on the expertise of its skilled trades staff.  “We’ve been looking for a toolmaker to hire for quite some time. Toolmakers just don’t exist out there anymore. With the $3,000 STTF grant we’ve been able to promote from within and develop a toolmaker in our environment,” states Brien Stewart. “The apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity for me. It has definitely changed my life for the better,” replied John Riley.
  • Capital Communications Staff Trained in Connected Vehicles Foundations
    Capital Communications of Plymouth is a provider for AT&T in the state of Michigan, supplying engineering, furnishing and installation services for approximately 450 central office locations and nearly 2,000 cellular mobility sites.  A $16,500 STTF grant provided training for 11 employees to attend a very comprehensive training course specifically geared toward the Connected Vehicle foundations.  According to Connected Vehicle Trade Association and SAE International, the connected vehicle industry will create 500,000 jobs by 2020.  The STTF funded training puts Capital Communications in prime position for excelling in this new marketplace.
  • Advanced Auto Trends
    Located in Snover, Advanced Auto Trends (AATI) is a supplier of molded plastic components focusing on the automotive industry.  With a $16,289 STTF award, a total of 14 employees completed training in a number of technical training sessions such as Molding Essentials and Math for Molders. This was the first time AATI brought in outside trainers into their facility and there was a tremendous value in getting everyone on the same page. As a result of the training AATI has seen improvements in trouble shooting and machine maintenance.

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