Michigan Guide to Environmental Regulations

Thumbnail of the Cover of the Michigan Guide to Environmental Regulations The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has written the Michigan Guide to Environmental Regulations to assist Michigan's business, industry, and local governments in navigating the maze of environmental obligations they face. This guidebook is a ready-reference tool for anyone striving toward compliance with state and federal regulations that affect businesses and institutions. Although some reference is made to local regulations, they are not discussed in detail. Contact your local government officials for information on applicable local requirements.

This guidebook describes how wastes may enter the environment, how to prevent them from doing so, and which remediation methods to use if contamination does occur. Some of the most common concerns, along with applicable solutions, are described in the chapters that follow. Topics include discharge of air pollutants; disposal of solid, liquid, and hazardous waste; discharges of wastewater to municipal sewage systems, storm drains, and on- site septic systems; storage of materials; and discharges/releases on the land or into lakes and streams.

The "Self-Assessment Survey" is a tool you can use to find which regulations are applicable to your specific operation. Simply answer each question in the survey "yes" or "no" to be directed to the portions of the book relevant to your business.


Table of Contents 
How to Use the Guidebook  
Self-Assessment Survey 

Michigan Guide to Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulations - 10th Edition (entire book)

Section One: Environmental Regulations
Chapter 1: Air Quality Regulations 
Chapter 2: Waste Materials Management 
Chapter 3: Wastewater 
Chapter 4: Material Storage and Transportation 
Chapter 5: SARA Title III - Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act 
Chapter 6: Environmental Emergencies 
Chapter 7: Sites of Environmental Contamination, Property Transfers, and Liability Issues 
Chapter 8: Activities at or Near the Land/Water Interface 
Chapter 9: Drinking Water 
Chapter 10: Radioactive Material Regulations 
Chapter 11: Geological Resources 
Chapter 12: Sustainability

Appendix A: Acronyms 
Appendix B: Definitions of Regulated Materials 
Appendix C: EGLE Overview

Appendix D: MIOSHA
Appendix E: Summary of Federal and State Laws and Rules