Small Systems Water Operator Training Webinar Series header

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy has developed this training for operators and owners of small, privately-owned community drinking water supplies across the state.  Topics include lead/copper changes, system maintenance, and other issues relative to small drinking water supplies. 


Recorded Webinar Series for Small Systems Operators


Session 1 - Water System Classifications and Common Deficiencies (recorded 6/9/20, 77 min)
Session 1 of this series includes:

  • Water System Classification - Overview of the different types of water systems and what entities provide oversight
  • Common deficiencies and how to address them - Descriptions of the most common deficiencies that have been determined in recent surveys and how they are resolved
  • Question and Answer


Session 2 - The Lead and Copper Rule and Pressure Gauge Use and Benefits (recorded 6/10/20, 88 min)
Session 2 of this series includes:

  • Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) - Information on lead service line replacement, upcoming requirement due dates, Distribution Systems Materials Inventory (DSMI), Sample Siting Plans (SSP), Sampling, reviewing results, reporting, and activity on how to complete an SSP
  • Pressure gauge demonstration - Video showing how pressure gauge is used in communities to assess pressure complaints and assess system capacity


Session 3 - Groundwater Rule and the Revised Total Coliform Rule (recorded 6/16/20, 905min) 
Session 3 of this series includes:

  • Groundwater Rule (GWR) and Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) - Sample requirements and how the GWR and RTCR overlap
  • Water Well Construction & Disinfection - Discussion of types of drilled wells (casing, grouting, screen); types of pumps/motors; casing vents; abandonment of wells; and well disinfection process


Session 4 - Emergencies and Contingency Plans (recorded 6/23/20, 90 min)
Session 4 of this series includes:

  • Emergencies & Contingency Planning - Discuss different types of emergencies, Emergency Response Plan (ERP), critical contacts, other plans and agreements, and after emergency report
  • MISS DIG Presentation - what MISS DIG does and how to become a member


Session 5 - Water Samples: Collection, Forms and Results (recorded 6/24/20, 75 min)
Session 5 of this series includes:

  • Sampling demonstration for various contaminants
  • How to fill out a lab analysis form
  • Interpreting Lab Results