Clean Air Assistance Program

Contact: Clean Air Assistance Program, 800-662-9278
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

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The Michigan Clean Air Assistance Program (CAAP) is located within the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy. The CAAP is designed to help companies with fewer than 100 employees understand and comply with Federal and State Regulations that protect our air.

Why does Michigan have a Clean Air Assistance Program?

Section 507 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 requires each state to develop a small business technical and environmental compliance assistance program (Program). The purpose of the Program is to assist small businesses in complying with the federal Clean Air Act. The Program is comprised of three components: a Technical Assistance Program, an Ombudsman, and a Compliance Advisory Panel. The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451 of 1994, Article II - Pollution Control, Chapter 1 - Point Source Pollution Control, Part 57 (formerly known as the Small Business Clean Air Assistance Act 12 of 1993) is the enabling legislation for Michigan's Program.


Air emissions from large Michigan industries have been regulated by state laws and the federal Clean Air Act for decades. Amendments to the federal Clean Air Act in 1990, however, broadened the scope of this law to control air pollution from additional and often smaller industries. New regulations being implemented as a result of these amendments continue to have a profound effect on thousands of businesses in Michigan, many of which have never been regulated under the Act.

Some small businesses are finding it necessary to apply for air permits for the first time. This results in the need to calculate the amounts of air contaminants emitting from their operations and regularly measure and report these releases. Small manufacturers, dry cleaners, service stations, print shops, and auto body shops are a few of the businesses that are being affected by the new statutes and rules. The creation of the Michigan Clean Air Assistance Program demonstrates the commitment of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to help businesses comply with the expanded and more protective air quality regulations.


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