Solid Waste Policy 2017

Contact: Amy Lafferty 517-242-8324
Agency: Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Michigan's Solid Waste Policy provides a framework to guide Michigan citizens, businesses, government agencies, institutions, universities, and political leaders in making smart choices for managing Michigan's solid wastes by viewing solid waste as a resource in a global economy. The policy uses the three principles of sustainability: economic vitality, ecological integrity, and improved quality of life to guide solid waste management decisions. The Solid Waste Policy embodies the consensus agreement of stakeholders on the Solid Waste and Sustainability Advisory Panel, a group made up of representatives from local governments, the environmental community, and the solid waste and recycling industries. The Solid Waste Policy encourages a deliberate and inclusive solid waste management decision-making process and recommends goals. Goals outlined in the Solid Waste Policy include finding uses for 50 percent of Michigan's municipal solid waste by 2025 and ensuring that all Michigan citizens have convenient access to residential recycling programs by 2020.

Michigan Solid Waste Policy 2017

Michigan Solid Waste Policy 2007 - outdated