Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps)

Contact: Marcy Knoll Wilmes 517-342-4348

MiCorps consists of two main programs - the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program (VSMP) and the Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP). The CLMP is the second oldest volunteer lake monitoring program in the countryGroup learning to identify aquatic macroinvertebrates​ and has been an important component of Michigan's inland lakes monitoring program for over 40 years. The primary purpose of the CLMP is to help citizen volunteers monitor the water quality of their lakes and document changes in lake quality over time. CLMP participants collect data on one or more parameters including: Secchi disk transparency, total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, dissolved oxygen, temperature, aquatic plant identification and mapping, and monitoring for exotic plants.  Through the VSMP, local units of government and nonprofit entities are provided technical assistance and grants for water quality monitoring in wadeable streams and rivers.  The monitoring typically consists of benthic invertebrate community and stream habitat sampling.  Starting in 2015, the program will also support road/stream crossing inventories.  These inventories will identify any negative impacts from road runoff, steep bank slopes, constriction of streams at road crossings, and any other adverse parameters for the location. 

MiCorps hosts an annual conference to report on volunteer monitoring activity and progress in the state.  Training is provided at the conference for interested volunteer coordinators.  Additional information regarding the MiCorps program can be found at https://micorps.net/.

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For more information about the Volunteer Monitoring program element, contact Marcy Knoll Wilmes at 517-342-4348 or e-mail at knollm@michigan.gov