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Source Water Protection

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Source Water Protection

This program assists local communities utilizing groundwater and surface water for their municipal drinking water supply systems in protecting their water source. A source water protection program minimizes the potential for contamination by identifying and protecting the area that contributes water to municipal water supply source. A source water protection program also includes management strategies to reduce contamination risk, contingency and new source planning, and public education and outreach.


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Community Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA)

EGLE's source water protection program includes identification of areas where groundwater is used to supply drinking water to communities. A Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) is the surface and subsurface area surrounding a water well or well field, supplying a public water system, through which contaminants are reasonably likely to move toward and reach such water well or well field. it is that area which contributes groundwater to a public water supply well.

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