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Statutes and Rules

State Statutes  State Rules
Hazardous Waste Management; Part 111 of 1994 P.A. 451, as amended

Cover and Index or fully compiled administrative rules to Part 111 (.pdf file);

Fully compiled administrative rules to Part 111, effective August 3, 2020

The administrative rules promulgated pursuant to Part 111, 1994 P.A. 451, as amended, were amended effective August 3, 2020. The rules package, MOAHR 2018-012EQ, contains amendments based on both federal and state-initiated revisions. A color strike-bold text (.pdf file) of the package which contains only the newly amended rules was prepared. In this version, the federal revisions are shown in red text and the state-initiated revisions are shown in blue text. A fully compiled version of all of the Part 111 rules is available via the link above.

Liquid Industrial By-Products (formerly Liquid Industrial Waste); Part 121 of 1994, P.A. 451, as amended

See the redline version of Part 121 to view the statutory changes.

Not Applicable
Used Oil Recycling; Part 167 of 1994 P.A. 451, as amended Not Applicable


Federal Statutes Federal Rules
Solid Waste Disposal; US Code, Title 42, Chapter 82 Links to the CFR and Federal Registers