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Grievance Procedures

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Grievance Procedures

EGLE’s grievance procedures provide a process for any person or group to submit a complaint alleging discrimination of any kind by EGLE in order to assure the prompt and fair resolution of any such complaint.

How to File a Complaint of Discrimination

All complaints should be submitted by mail (or e-mail) in writing or using the Grievance Submittal Form and sent to: 

Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator 
Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy 
P.O. Box 30473 
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7973



Katie Lambeth
Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator

What must a complaint include?* 

  • The complaint must be in writing, clearly identify who the sender is, include a signature, and must provide EGLE with the sender's contact information. We suggest including address, telephone number, and e-mail address. 
  • The complaint must be filed within 180 calendar days of the date of the last act of alleged discrimination. 
  • The complaint must describe with as much detail as possible the actions or inactions by the EGLE employee that resulted in discrimination, as well as the parties harmed or potentially harmed by the alleged discrimination. 

*For additional information regarding EGLE's grievance procedure, please see EGLE's Policy on Nondiscrimination in EGLE Programs

EGLE explicitly prohibits retaliation against any individual because that individual has filed a complaint or has testified, assisted, or participated in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing of any kind or has opposed any practice made unlawful under state or federal statutes or regulations. Any concern regarding retaliation should be reported to the Nondiscrimination Compliance Coordinator. 

Filed Discrimination Complaints