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A Day in the Life

Six employees from Air Quality Division permit staff
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

A Day in the Life

Embarking on a vocational voyage

Step into the dynamic world of environmental stewardship as you embark on a journey to explore the diverse careers within our department. Here at EGLE, we are dedicated to safeguarding Michigan's environment and public health through the meticulous management of air, water, land, and energy resources.

Our commitment comes to life through a captivating series of "A Day in the Life" short videos, offering you an exclusive glimpse into the daily endeavors of EGLE employees. From field experts conducting water quality assessments to passionate individuals formulating sustainable energy strategies, each video highlights the pivotal roles that contribute to our mission.

Join us in uncovering the vital work that occurs behind the scenes, driving positive change and preserving the natural beauty of Michigan for generations to come.

Career spotlight

Environmental Engineer Video

Environmental Engineer

Are you curious about Environmental Engineering? Discover the role of an Environmental Engineer at EGLE.

Inside the professions

A side view of a glass of clear water sitting on a wooden table

Careers in water

No matter your skills or interests, there is a career for you in water.

Career series

Senior Drinking Water Instructor

Remediation and Redevelopment Outreach Liaison

Wastewater Compliance Specialist

Senior Environmental Quality Analyst

Compost Coordinator

Air Sampling Lab Technician

Water Resources Outreach Liaison

Drone Pilot Program Coordinator

Asbestos Inspector