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MUSTA Legacy Release Program

The Legacy Release Program allows for reimbursement of eligible persons for costs of corrective actions for releases from refined petroleum underground storage tank systems.  The release for which corrective actions arose was discovered and reported prior to December 30, 2014, and the release for which the claim was approved as not closed pursuant to part 213 prior to December 30, 2014.

Legacy Release Program Claims

New claims for the Legacy Release Program are no longer being accepted.

Note: Invoices for previously approved claims continue to be accepted.

Claim Reimbursement Limit

Reimbursement is for eligible, corrective actions performed on or after December 30, 2014. The amount approved for reimbursement shall be 50 percent of reasonable and necessary eligible corrective action costs. The claim limit is a total up to $50,000.00 for al releases from refined petroleum underground.

Work Invoice Submittal and Review

To receive reimbursement for corrective actions, the approved claimant must submit work invoices and supporting documentation, along with a Legacy Release Program Invoice Submittal Form. Work invoices must total at least $5,000, except for the final invoice. The work invoice must be signed by both the claimant and the consultant that performed the corrective actions.

The work and costs must follow the guidance and rate schedule provided in the Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund section of the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority website, including the schedule of Costs, Competitive Bidding Requirements, List of Ineligible Costs, and Position and Technician Position Classifications.

Upon receipt of work invoices, the MUSTA Administrator has 45 days in which to make the following determinations:

Whether the claimant is eligible to receive funding under Part 215.

Whether the work performed or proposed to be performed is consistent with Part 213, and whether these activities are consistent with achieving site closure.

Whether the corrective actions performed are reasonable and necessary considering the conditions at the site of the release.

Payment of Work Invoices

Payment of eligible work invoices will be made jointly to the claimant and the consultant that performed the corrective actions within 45 days of the MUSTA Administrator's determinations as described earlier.

Competitive Bid Summary Form

Legacy Release Program Invoice Submittal Form