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MUSTA Public Highway Cleanup Funding

Submitting Public Highway Cleanup Claim

The Public Highway Program allows local units of government or county road commissions to be reimbursed for certain costs related to the management, relocation, or disposal of media that had been contaminated by a release or releases from a refined petroleum underground storage tank system or systems.  To be eligible the conditions described below must be met.

Claim Eligibility

A claim may only be by filed by a local unit of government or county road commission. For a claim to be eligible, there must be a completed institutional control in place for the public highway pursuant to Section 21310a of Part 213, Leaking Underground Storage Tanks of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended.  A copy of the completed institutional control must be provided with the claim submittal.

Claim Submittal

Claims must be submitted on a Public Highway Cleanup Claim Submittal Form. Invoices should not be submitted with claim applications.  If a claim is approved, the applicant will be provided with instructions for invoice submittals.

The claimant must certify that they have not, and will not, submit a claim(s) to any insurer or other entity to cover expenses for which they have been reimbursed by the Public Highway Cleanup Program and vice-versa.

Claim Reimbursement Limit

A local unit of government or county road commission may receive up to a maximum of $200,000.00 per Site in reimbursement costs for eligible corrective actions. 

To be eligible for reimbursement, work must have been or be performed on or after January 24, 2018.

Work Invoice Submittal and Review

To receive reimbursement for corrective actions, the approved claimant must submit work invoices along with a Public Highway Cleanup Invoice Submittal Form.  Work Invoices must total at least $5,000, except for the final invoice.  The work invoice must be signed by both the claimant and the consultant that performed the corrective actions.

Upon receipt of work invoices, the MUSTA Administrator has 45 days in which to make the following determinations:

  • Whether the claimant is eligible to receive funding under Part 215.
  • Whether the work performed or proposed to be performed is consistent with Part 213.
  • Whether the corrective actions performed are reasonable and necessary considering the conditions at the site of the release.
  • Whether the cost of performing the work is at or below the allowable reimbursement in the Schedule of Costs, whether the cost was based on the competitive bidding requirements established by MUSTA, or if the cost is not a listed item or required bid item, that the cost is reasonable and necessary.

Payment of Work Invoices

Payment of eligible work invoices will be made jointly to the claimant and the consultant that performed the corrective actions within 45 days of the MUSTA Administrator’s determinations as described earlier.