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a prairie fen in southwest Michigan
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy


Michigan's wetlands law recognizes the important benefits provided by wetlands and their vital role in recreation, tourism, and the economy. Over thirty years ago, Michigan was the first state, and remains one of only three states, to have received authorization from the federal government to administer the federal wetland program. Because of this approval, wetlands, lakes, and streams permits issued by EGLE under state law also provide federal approval.


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District Permit Staff

Introduction to Wetlands Video

Introduction to Wetlands

In this video, you will learn about why Wetlands are so important to Michigan and what EGLE is doing to protect them. 
Preview of the wetlands map viewer
Preview of the wetlands map viewer

Wetlands map viewer

Within this application, you will find information on land cover, soils, and the National Wetland Inventory. It is not intended to be used to determine specific locations and jurisdictional boundaries of wetland areas.

Launch web map

View the interactive map to explore the wetlands.

User guide

View the user guide for the wetlands map viewer.

Access data

The data used in the map is available to download and to view as a table.

Maps and data portal

Find all of EGLE's web maps and open data centralized to one location.