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Detroit Air Toxics Initiative (DATI)

The original DATI risk assessment report was the first of its kind in Michigan. That project involved characterizing the potential health risks of 223 air toxics at seven monitoring sites in the Detroit area. DEQ Air Quality Division (AQD) has performed an updated risk assessment to reflect air toxics monitoring data collected five years after the original DATI project. Both projects involved the development of risk characterizations based on the Detroit area's monitored air toxics concentrations and other related information. The current project involved performance of a risk assessment update on 60 chemicals which were still monitored, after budget reductions, at most of the same locations. Both initiatives included diverse Stakeholder Groups charged with providing feedback and helping to disseminate the information to the local communities. A detailed discussion of the risk assessment findings is provided in the risk assessment report. Summaries of the complete risk assessment report are provided in the plain language summary and technical summary documents.


Brian Hughes, Air Quality Division