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Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP)

Part of the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant

The PCAP focuses on maximizing emissions reductions between now and 2030, to meet the interim targets laid out in the MHCP of reducing GHG emissions by 50-52% by 2030 economywide.

To develop the PCAP, the State of Michigan, through EGLE and the OCE will coordinate with entities across state government, local governments, tribal governments, advisory bodies, key stakeholders, including disadvantaged communities that may be impacted or benefit from the PCAP, and the public. The PCAP leverages the stakeholder engagement and prioritization process that went into the development of the MHCP and work across the various coordinating entities and stakeholder groups to identify and source real, implementable climate pollution reduction actions. The PCAP includes the following:

  • A preliminary GHG inventory that focuses on state-specific data used in the EPA’s State Inventory and Projection Tool for the following modules according to the priority sectors identified above (electricity generation, commercial and residential buildings, and transportation): Coal Mining, Natural Gas & Oil, Mobile Combustion, and CO2FFC.
  • A summary of Michigan’s existing GHG reduction targets building from Michigan’s commitment to reach 50-52% emissions reductions by 2030 and carbon neutrality economywide by 2050.
  • Quantified GHG Reduction Measures for priority measures to help prioritize actions in the PCAP aligned with the MHCP.
  • A benefits analysis and a low-income disadvantaged community benefits analysis.
  • A review of the authority to implement, building from a review that has already been completed in pursuit of implementing the MHCP.
  • A selective evaluation of the intersection of PCAP and MHCP priorities with other federal funding availability, leveraging Michigan’s existing work through the Michigan Infrastructure Office.
  • A workforce analysis for actions in the PCAP.

Implementing the MI Healthy Climate Plan 

Michigan's Priority Climate Action Plan

Download the PCAP

The Four Pillars

Michigan’s priority actions focus on four of the MI Healthy Climate Plan emission reduction pillars, with a prioritization of environmental justice and a just transition throughout:

  1. Clean the Electric Grid
  2. Electrify Vehicles and Increase Public Transit
  3. Repair and Decarbonize Homes and Businesses
  4. Drive Clean Innovation in Industry

These focus areas were selected in response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidance to prioritize areas for immediate greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

Inclusion of measures in the PCAP is not a commitment by the State of Michigan to submit an EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program Implementation Grant application to implement the measure.

Priority Measure Selection & Engagement

Priority GHG Reduction Measures were selected and quantified based upon a rigorous process to vet and estimate the potential impact on Michigan’s GHG emissions. To evaluate reduction measures, input was collected from numerous engagements with various stakeholders including but not limited to:

  • Catalyst Communities Initiative
  • Call for Projects Form
  • Council on Climate Solutions: Workgroup Recommendations
  • CPRG Stakeholder Engagement In-person Engagement Sessions
  • CPRG Stakeholder Engagement Virtual Listening Sessions
  • Request for Information on the Implementation of the Michigan Healthy Climate Plan
  • UP Energy Taskforce Committee Recommendations
  • Ad-hoc submittals to
  • Regular meetings with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, the Grand Valley Metro Council, and Michigan tribal nations 

The priority measures in the PCAP are not exhaustive of Michigan’s priorities. Instead, the selected priority measures included in this PCAP meet the following criteria: 

  • The measure is implementation ready, meaning that the design work for the policy, program, or project is complete enough that a full scope of work and budget can be included in a CPRG implementation grant application.
  • The measure can be completed in the near term, meaning that all funds will be expended, and the project completed, within the five-year performance period for the CPRG implementation grants. 
  • The measure is expected to have a multiplying effect, opening accelerated and/or deeper decarbonization pathways. 
  • The measure advances the implementation and achievement of Michigan’s MI Healthy Climate Plan and associated commitments including a commitment to environmental justice and a just transition.