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Community Water Supply Construction Permits

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Community Water Supply Construction Permits

Permitting Under Act 399

Community water supplies in Michigan are required to obtain permits from the department as described in Part 13 of Act 399. Permits are necessary whenever construction or alteration of a waterworks system, or a portion of a waterworks system, is being proposed. To obtain a permit, a supply must submit an application along with plans, specifications, or other pertinent information. Department staff will review the application package for compliance with Act 399 and industry standards such as 10 States Standards and Suggested Practices. Permit approvals are valid for 2 years from the date of approval and may be extended by request prior to expiration.

Submitting Permit Applications

Permit applications must now be made electronically. Submissions through MiEHDWIS are preferred, but email submissions are still being accepted. Applications submitted through MiEHDWIS must be approved by a Certifier associated with the water supply in the system. Permit applications submitted outside of MiEHDWIS should be completed according to the instruction documents below and must be certified with a digital signature from a supply representative.

Instructions to sign up for a MiEHDWIS user account and to request Certifier status can be found at Current MiEHDWIS users can access the system through MiLogin for Business.

Permitting Forms

EQP5877 Act 399 Permit Application
Application form to be completed for submissions outside of MiEHDWIS.
EQP5877a Instructions and Explanation of Act 399 Application
Supporting document explaining parts of the application and offering examples. Supports applications made both in and out of MiEHDWIS.
EQP5877b Basis of Design for Water Main Projects
Supplemental form for the basis of design of proposed water main. Include this or a similar document with water main projects submitted outside of MiEHDWIS.
EQP5877c Contaminated Site Evaluation Checklist
Supplemental form for evaluating contaminated sites in or near the project area. Supports applications made both in and out of MiEHDWIS.