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Consumer Confidence Report Rule

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Consumer Confidence Report Rule

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The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Rule requires community water supplies to annually report to their customers on the quality of the drinking water and the sources of that water, and to characterize the risks (if any) from exposure to contaminants detected in the water.

CCR Delivery Options Include e-Delivery

Community water supplies must directly deliver the report to ALL bill-paying customers and to make a good faith effort to reach other consumers. Electronic delivery methods may be used, provided they are direct. This new option should lead to new ways to reach customers, along with reduced environmental impact (from paper use) and cost savings for water supplies. To help water supplies interested in developing eCCR programs, AWWA has developed a complimentary Electronic CCR Best Practices Guide.

The U.S. EPA expects water supplies to deliver the CCR to all bill-paying customers using ANY combination of the following direct delivery methods:

  • Mail a paper copy of the CCR.
  • Mail a notification of CCR availability. Supplies could include a statement on the water bill or bill insert or in a separate mailing such as a postcard or a community newsletter. The CCR must be on the Internet when the notification of CCR availability is sent out.
  • Email a notification of CCR availability. Supplies could include a statement in the text of the email that transmits the water bill or in a separate email message.

The notification of CCR availability:

  • Explains the nature of the message.
  • Prominently displays an easy-to-type URL that goes directly to the entire CCR.  The CCR must be on the Internet when the notification of CCR availability is sent out. A supply that does not have a web site may attach or insert the CCR in the email.
  • States how the customer can request a paper copy.

Here's an example that includes all 3 of the above elements…

Subject:  Water Quality Report Available
Message: The water quality report describing the source and quality of your drinking water is available at To receive a paper copy in the mail, contact us at or 555-123-4567.

Delivery methods NOT considered "direct" are the following, though water supplies are encouraged to use any public outreach venue to promote CCR readership:

  • A URL that requires a customer to search or look for the CCR - a customer may not reach the CCR. A long, hard-to-type URL may also prevent a customer from reaching the CCR.
  • Social media - membership Internet outlets like X or Facebook require a customer to join the website to read the CCR.
  • Automated phone calls - the entire content of the CCR cannot be provided in a phone call.

Delivery waivers for smaller supplies:

  • Supplies serving fewer than 10,000 have the option to publish the entire CCR in a local newspaper and make the report available upon request.
  • Supplies serving 500 or fewer have the option to post the CCR in at least one location and make the report available upon request.
  • IF A PUBLIC NOTICE IS INCLUDED IN THE CCR as the primary means to deliver it to all consumers, the delivery waivers for the CCR are no longer applicable. The CCR and the Public Notice must be directly delivered to all bill-paying consumers following the delivery requirements of the Public Notice rule.
  • Customers known to be unable to receive the CCR electronically, must be sent a paper copy.
  • Supplies must continue to make a good faith effort to reach non-bill-paying customers.
  • Supplies must certify that they distributed the CCR as required.
  • Water authorities who sell water to other supplies but don't deliver a CCR to their own customers are still required to complete a CCR Certificate of Distribution Form.

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