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Annual Fees for Noncommunity Water Supplies

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Annual Fees for Noncommunity Water Supplies

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In accordance with R. 325.1011b, Sec 11b (1) of Michigan's Safe Drinking Water Act, all noncommunity water supplies are assessed an annual fee.

The fees collected are used to help provide the funding to enable the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) to contract with local health departments (LHD) to perform the required activities in the Safe Drinking Water Act. This fee is separate from water sampling charges, as the money is not spent for laboratory services.

EGLE invoices noncommunity public water supplies based on information supplied from LHDs.

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Fee steps

The following is a synopsis of the steps involved in assessment and collection of the fees:

  1. The fee is assessed each October 1st for the next fiscal year. Invoices for the fees are generally sent out in late October or early November.
  2. This fee is adjusted every year by applying an adjustment using the Detroit consumer price index.
  3. Invoices are due November 30th. Unpaid invoices incur a penalty fee of $25 each month or portion of a month after that for which the payment is delinquent.
  4. All annual fees and any associated penalties are to be made payable to the State of Michigan.
  5. Delinquent accounts are billed after 60 days for the principal fee and penalties accrued, then again at 120 days. If they are still delinquent after 180 days, the invoice may be turned over to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

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Status change

If a facility has a change in status such as those listed below, immediately 1) send the whole invoice back to EGLE's Cashier's Office address shown on the invoice, along with a note stating the changes, and 2) notify your LHD in writing to inform them of the change.

  • Closed
  • Connected to a municipal water supply
  • Changed mailing address
  • Changed facility name
  • Changed ownership
  • Changed from a nontransient to a transient supply, or vice versa
  • No longer serving at least 25 people a day for at least 60 days a year