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Well Component Evaluation

pitless adapter with disinfection tube in well
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Well Component Evaluation

Dave DeYoung

The EGLE Source Water Unit (SWU) evaluates certain water well components pursuant to the Michigan Well Code. Pitless well adapters, well caps, and buried pressure tanks must be approved by EGLE before they can be used in a water well installation.

Manufacturers can request review and approval of their products by submitting the following:

  • Letter to EGLE-SWU requesting product review.
  • Product specifications, material or product listing under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 or 61 (where required), and detailed shop drawing of product.
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance instructions furnished to contractor or well owner.
  • Product sample (cutaway model preferred). Please indicate if you want the sample returned after our evaluation. If not, it will be retained for well training purposes.