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Running a business can be expensive, but your energy usage doesn't have to be. Energy efficiency reduces running costs for businesses, lowers carbon emissions and shows the your customers that your business is doing its part for the environment.

Energy Management Process imageEnergy management is key to reducing the amount of energy you use, whether a single building or ten. Energy management is the process of tracking the energy you use, finding opportunities to reduce the amount of energy needed, taking action on those opportunities, and continuous monitoring of your energy.

Energy Management for Businesses

  1. Track Energy Usage -The first step is to know how much energy you are using. One way to do this is to set up a free account with Energy Star Portfolio Manager.
    • Gather and review your utility bills for the last twelve months.
    • Benchmark your building(s).
  2. Conduct an Energy Audit - An energy audit is an assessment of your building(s) and looks at current energy consumption An energy auditor can assess where your building(s) is losing the most energy, and then recommend improvements to save energy and reduce your utility bills.
  3. Implement Energy Efficiency Upgrades -Energy efficient upgrades are the quickest way to decrease your energy use and electric bill.
    • Energy Efficiency Upgrades - If uncertain where to start for upgrades, start with lighting and move down the list:
      • Upgrade to LED Lighting -Lighting Choices
      • Improve Weather Sealing
      • Increase Insulation and Improve Ventilation
      • Upgrade to an Efficient Water Heating System
      • Upgrade to Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems
      • Install Energy Efficient Windows
  4. Transition to Renewable Energy - Once your building is as efficient as possible, the next step it to pursue renewable energy. Your utility provider may also offer incentives to upgrade to renewables, but there are other options as well that can help pay/finance renewable upgrades:


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