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Clean Energy Assets

Solar panel on Okemos high
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Clean Energy Assets

Growing Michigan renewable and clean energy industries represents a multibillion-dollar economic opportunity with significant additional benefits, such as being environmentally clean and energy-efficient.

The Michigan Clean Energy Asset Roadmap is for the clean energy technology development, renewable (i.e. solar and wind) and geothermal energy sector intended to quantify (i.e. map) each sector and identify, evaluate and detail opportunities to significantly accelerate sector growth. Speeding the adoption of innovative solutions requires knowledge of the industrial and manufacturing sector and critical questions are emerging.

This roadmap will address these questions through the technology adoption value chain, specifically focusing on industrial and manufacturing adoption of clean energy technologies and techniques in two sectors: energy production and energy efficiency.

Furthermore, this analysis will illuminate the existing assets and gaps Michigan has in its renewable energy policies, and its supply and value chains (specifically solar, wind, and geothermal) that may impact the further adoption of these clean energy technologies.


"Opportunities for Renewable Energy in Michigan's Commercial and Industrial Sector"

February 28, 2023 Recording

Webinar Presentation

"Clean Energy Technology Adoption within Michigan's Manufacturing Sector"

March 2, 2023 Recording

March 2, 2023 Presentation


Lisa Thomas
Clean Energy Engineer
Graphic bar chart of clean energy in America from 2018 statistics. Geothermal 1%, Nuclear 55%, hydropower 20%, wind 19%, and solar 4%. Information from the Department of Energy

Clean Energy Technology Adoption Roadmap

This report identifies the clean energy technology adoption (CETA) roadmap and value chain related to energy and process efficiencies.

Clean Energy Technology Adoption Roadmap
geothermal house diagram

Geothermal Roadmap

This report focuses on identifying the supply-side assets/gaps and demand-side impediments of Michigan’s commercial and industrial (C&I) geothermal markets.

Download the geothermal roadmap
Solar panel harness energy of the sun.

Solar Roadmap

This report focuses on identifying the supply-side assets/gaps and demand-side impediments of Michigan’s commercial and industrial (C&I) solar PV markets.

Download the solar roadmap
A wind turbine stands tall above green farm fields and a clear blue sky

Wind Roadmap

This report focuses on key supply-side assets/gaps and demand-side impediments of Michigan’s commercial and industrial (C&I) wind market.

Download the wind roadmap

Clean Energy Assets Database

The Clean Energy Assets Database, a free resource for elected officials, government employees, business owners, planners, developers, Michigan residents, industry, and commercial sectors.

From the data collected here, you will learn:

  • Which businesses have considered renewable and clean energy technologies in their facilities.
  • Geographic locations of businesses providing the technical renewable and clean energy resources.

The database includes numerous sections and is frequently updated as more data is collected. The database is free, however you will need to request access. Please contact Heather Boyd, VP Operations, at 248-204-2442 to request access.