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Renewable Energy

wind and solar energy in the snow
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Renewable Energy

We strive to achieve clean energy for all through programs that provide access to renewable energy for all Michiganders, regardless of income.

Community Solar

Community solar is a solar energy system that generates renewable energy and is shared by multiple subscribers in a community.  Subscribers receive credits on their electric bills for their portion of the energy generated by their allotted panels.

EGLE launched the first Clean Energy for Low-Income Communities Accelerator (CELICA) in Michigan in 2018 and continues to work with partners to address low-income energy challenges and provide access to alternative clean energy.

Learn more about community solar

Clean Energy in Michigan Series

The Clean Energy in Michigan Series provides case studies and fact sheets answering common questions about clean energy projects in Michigan.

These fact sheets and case studies will answer common questions about renewable energy development and help you understand how communities across Michigan plan for clean energy.

Clean Energy in Michigan Series

Zoning for Renewables

Planning and zoning for renewable energy siting is an important step toward creating stronger, more resilient communities. Of the 1,856 jurisdictions in the state, around half have already given consideration to clean energy (wind energy, solar energy, or electric vehicle infrastructure) in their zoning ordinances, and that number continues to grow.

The Michigan Zoning Database is a free resource for elected officials, government employees, planners, developers, and Michigan residents. 

Learn more about the zoning database

Guidance on incorporating renewable energy into community plans and ordinances

Solar Resources

Solar energy development is rapidly growing in Michigan as technology and price continue to become more accessible. For both small-scale and utility-scale projects, these resources can help identify the right policies for your community.

Prepare, plan, and zone for solar energy production

Wind Resources

The past few decades have seen a surge of wind energy development in the state of Michigan as technology and new policies have opened up more and more farmland. Is a new wind energy development right for your community?

Prepare, plan, and zone for wind energy production

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the frequently asked questions to learn what others have been asking about the community impacts of renewable energy. This list is updated regularly to bring you the most accurate, up-to-date answers to your questions.