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Electronic Waste Take Back Program

Community members at a drive-thru electronic recycling event. Volunteers are assisting residents pulling up in their cars in a parking lot.
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Electronic Waste Take Back Program

Electronics Take Back Law

The law was passed in 2008 as an effort to promote reuse of electronics and the proper recycling of unwanted devices.

The Michigan Electronic Waste Take Back Program assures that consumers in the state have convenient access to proper reuse and recycling of unwanted electronics. This includes assuring that manufacturers are complying with Michigan's Extended Producer Responsibility law and that recyclers of electronics are meeting essential environmental and data security standards.

A covered electronic device includes but is not limited to desktop computers, laptop computers, monitors, tablets, televisions and printers. Here is an explanation of the term Covered Electronic Device.

Program Areas

Electronics Collectors may register with the department using the voluntary registration system. Registration allows the program to identify the collection locations and promote those location to the residents of the state.

Manufacturers are required to annually register the each of the brands of covered devices with the state of Michigan. Manufacturers shall not sell unregistered covered devices. Manufacturers shall establish a convenient takeback program for consumers to return the devices to the manufacturer or their representative at no charge. Manufacturers must provide a website or other information about the established takeback program.

Recyclers: Any entity that accepts a covered device for recycling from consumers must annually register with the program. Recyclers must annually report the amount of recycled material and the locations of recycling facilities that processed covered devices. Recyclers must comply with laws about requiring environmental, health and safety plans for the recycling facility. Recyclers must follow other requirement on how collected material is handled and recycled including allowing inspections of recycling facilities.

Retailers: A retailer may not offer for sale a covered electronic device in the State of Michigan unless the brand owner of the device is in compliance with the requirements of the Electronics Recycling Act.


EGLE generates a registered brands list based on registrations received, a registered recyclers list based on registration information that is reviewed and determined to be administratively complete. This is the currently registered brands and their associated manufacturers. The list is updated 6 times a year as companies complete the registration process outlined by the Michigan Electronics Takeback Program, Act 451, Part 173.  Here is a link to a list of free takeback program supported by the manufacturer programs.

  • Manufacturer - Complete an Ecycle registration annually.
  • Recycler - Complete using Re-TRAC Connect annually.
  • Collection site - Complete using Re-TRAC Connect annually. NOTE: this is currently not a requirement, but collection sites should register and to share their facility locations.