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Dow Silicones Corporation Corrective Action Information


Dan Dailey

DSC, located at 3901 South Saginaw Road, Midland Michigan, has been an operating chemical manufacturing complex since 1943.  As part of the chemical manufacturing operations, DSC, formerly Dow Corning, also operates as hazardous waste tank and container storage area and a hazardous waste landfill.  The hazardous waste operations at the facility started before the federal hazardous waste regulations were enacted.  Both before and after the hazardous waste regulations were enacted, DSC’s operations resulted in releases to the environment.  DSC’s license includes requirements to investigate and clean-up releases occurring at the site, both before and after the hazardous waste regulations were enacted.  Clean-up activities are called corrective action activities under the hazardous waste regulations and DSC’s license. 

In 1997, as a precautionary, interim measure, to prevent contaminated groundwater from moving off-site, DSC installed a site interceptor system (SIS).  The SIS captures shallow groundwater which is sent to Dow Chemical for treatment.  The groundwater was found to be contaminated with volatiles, semi-volatiles, and metal. 

In 2018, as a result of a heavy storm event, DSC experienced a release from its tank and container storage area.  The release resulted in soil contamination in three areas, designed as Areas 1, 2, and 3 on the map.  The investigation confirmed the soil in those areas is contaminated with volatile organic compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, and mercury.  

DSC is currently further investigating the extent of soil contamination under a work plan approved by EGLE.  Once the investigation is confirmed complete by EGLE as provided under the license and hazardous waste regulations, DSC is required to propose measures to clean-up the contamination and meet Michigan’s clean-up criteria in place to protect human health and the environment.

Long-term monitoring of surface water in Lingle Drain, which flows past the landfill, has non-detect any release in stormwater samples collected since 2010.  The surface water from the drain will continue to be monitored under the license.  

For additional information on the corrective action history at the facility, see timeline below and the licensing information available at